Aleph Bet is a Jewish preschool located in the Murray Hill neighborhood of Manhattan on East 29th Street between Third and Lexington Avenues founded by Bonnie Shloush.


Philosophy & Goals


The goal of every school experience should be to foster a life-long love of learning. All children learn best when learning is fun, interesting and meaningful. The philosophy of Aleph Bet Preschool is based on play. Children develop physically, emotionally, and socially through the manipulation of objects and toys in their environment.

We are also dedicated to encouraging and enhancing communication and socialization. Children will be taught to express their wants and needs. Positive peer interactions will be emphasized. Music and song will be used throughout the day to help stimulate cognitive growth and enhance memory skills. Our goal is to create an atmosphere of caring, sharing, cooperation and friendship. 




Judaic Curriculum


At Aleph Bet Preschool, children will grow and flourish in their Jewish values and traditions. They will experience the Jewish holidays and every Friday there will be a "Shabbat party." Children will participate in lighting candles, making kiddush on grape juice and eating challah. They will also be introduced to the Hebrew alphabet and other Hebrew words. Through singing, storytelling, cooking and art projects, children will learn about their history and heritage.